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In today's fast-moving and constantly changing business environment, GO Enterprise has recognized that there is a shortage of skilled workers in the employment market, and not very many means to upskill them. There is also a high unemployment rate with not very many means of creating jobs.

Many companies lack the specialist management skills and/or resources required to up-skill workers and implement learnerships. GO therefore effectively markets the concept of learnerships and training, using different methods such as Mentorship, coaching and incubation as well as classroom training, and by so doing raises the standards of training, education and productivity in any company and throughout South Africa. GO Enterprise is proudly unique in that our twenty-five years hard-won experience enables us to do everything for our client that is related to labour, recruitment, training, learnerships and job creation. 

GO has set up 16 different business entities to productively interact with every industry and every SETA, as well as to allowing us to interact with local Municipalities and the various Government Departments.
GO Enterprise is a diverse company offering its clients a one stop solution. In essence we become the different subdivisions of our clients, handling everything that is not their core (i.e. producing their product or services) function. By so doing, we allow the company, municipality and or Government department, to become more efficient in the production of their product or service, as well as fullfilling their roles as organs of state.
Each subdivision within GO has a specialist or specialists in their fields that run that subdivision or company. This method of operation allows us to create jobs for the unemployed and unskilled person or persons. We are able to upskill them and make them more employable, and thereby lower poverty and crime, as well as dependency on the state.

GO is an accredited service provider with special focus on effective implementation and management of learnerships, training and Job Creation. At the same time GO offers a number of dynamic short courses which are registered with various SETAS
GO Enterprises also offers a much-needed service by CREATING jobs for people who are unemployed and also for those who are disabled. GO's products and services, being unique, therefore vary from site to site and company to company, and province to province.

GO takes unemployed persons, upskills them, then puts them into a cooperative, a company or a partnership, and we mentor and train them. When the training has been completed, we then incubate and coach them to sustainable success and exit them into the world of business. At this stage we do everything for them. From registering their business, through to showing them how to tender and quote as well as cost a task.



GO Computers, was established in 1982, as Computer Cash and Carry, in 2005 the name was changed to GO Computers.

GO believes that you, the Customer, know your product, whilst at GO we know the computer industry, and in partnership with you we can accomplish most tasks economically and on time. We believe in the art of blending business with technology to help your organisation improve its operation, provide better customer service and gain a competitive advantage. 

  •  By utilising the above factors, GO is able to perform a thorough analysis and design, prior to implementing solutions, thus preventing false starts and or reprogramming.
  • GO Computers, can provide your organisation with a wide range of services including;


We offer a variety of Internet and Intranet related services :

Computer Hardware & Software

  • We sell a wide range of computer peripherals. 
  • Selling of New & Used computers. 
  • Selling of Notebooks and Laptops. 
  • Printers and Point of Sale .
  • Software (Customized & Priority).
  • Upgrading of Computers

Connectivity Consulting

Need to connect your network to the internet, through our extensive Internet knowledge we can connect your network to the internet in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

  • Network maintenance & Support 
  • Network Planning & Setup

Training, Scanning and Document Solutions

scanning services, consulting, needs analysis, networking, software integration, on-site training and turn-key document imaging solutions.

Website Development
With our in-house graphic artists we are able to create a website for your company that will conform to your current profile and marketing strategy. We use both our own creativity and your guidelines to produce stunning website's bringing the content to the consumer. We specialise in B to B, B to C and B to E e-commerce.

Website Promotions
Taking your website to the masses. We can competitively place your web presence on the major search engines, and ensure that the webspiders and robots have an accurate index of your site content.

Dial up and Website Hosting
We have dial up and email facilities to address your needs.

Internet Consulting
Need some help before making the plunge into e-enablement of your business. Feel free to ask our consultants to clarify any issues you may have. 

We have an established customer base in most industries, with an emphasis on local government and municipalities.

  • Please call us for a FREE demonstration or needs analysis for your organisation.



GO Training is a South African training entity, focusing on Up-skilling the uneducated and uplifting the unemployed, thus creating JOBS.

We provide business, Government and local industry with both hard and soft skills training in the areas of staff, management, IT, and personal skills.

Our facilitators are all practicing specialists in their fields with sound academic backgrounds; this ensures that our customers have access to extensive experience and up-dated expertise. We place a high premium on their ability to relate knowledge and facilitate practical learning in the classroom and work environment, thus ensuring that students are able to apply what they have learnt when they return to the workplace.

Our main focus is on skills development, as this enables companies to train their staff on the issues and skills relevant to their business.

In keeping with our aim to provide companies and people with relevant and up-dated training, and to develop the individual's ability to grow the company, we emphasize the importance of assessing the real training needs within any organisation. For this purpose, we are registered as SDF’s and we consult with all our clients and are able to conduct accurate training needs analysis within any organisation.

GO is an accredited training provider with various SETA’s. In addition to which, we are an ESDA appointed by DoL.

GO offers a wide variety of training to the Government, Municipalities, public- and corporate sectors, such as :

  • ABET
  • Facilitation, Assessor and Moderator Training
  • Coaching, Mentoring
  • Learnerships
  • Skills Courses, and short courses
  • Skills Facilitating
  • In house Training
  • W.S.P., A.T.R.
  • Team Leader, Supervisor
  • Security
  • H.R (I.R., Disciplinary, etc.)
  • Computer (Basic and Intermediate)


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Managing Member

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