GO Enterprise was started by Graham Nosworthy, and was primarily a family-owned company. His children as co owners assisted him in running the various businesses. GO's primary focus was, and is, to enable the unemployed people in the Eastern Cape and South Africa to become valuable employees and Entrepeneurs. The spin-off from this continues to be greater worker satisfaction, higher productivity and improved profits for the employers, as well as the growth of SMME's.

GO has grown from a one-man business started in 1983, to an enterprise of 15 Companies employing several dozen people. Within this enterprise, the 15 companies allow us to widen our reach to the business community. GO did so well in 2004, that GO yet again had to rent larger premises. GO is now based in Noth End, Port Elizabeth. The fifteen companies which currently comprise GO Enterprise and all its subsidiaries, share these premises. Most local people know this area; it is highly accessible by taxi or bus and we have no problem in getting people to come in to our offices. It is also in the center of the Industrial area, and is accessible via the national roads. The offices are ideally situated for the training and recruiting of job seekers. We have various training facilities where off-site training is conducted for our clients'€™ employees. Our classroom facilities promote effective learning. The classrooms have good lightning, proper ventilation and enough space.


Graham started many of his business concerns as far back as 1982. Computer Cash and Carry was the first business to be started, when it was set up in 1982. This was then followed in 1990 by Graham Nosworthy Finance Brokers and then in 1991 Steers Restaurant Queenstown was started in the Pick 'n Pay center. These companies were later followed in 1992/3 by a joint venture with a P.D.I group consisting of the late Norman Gray, T. Chetty, Elwyn Frederichs and Graham Nosworthy, the business was called Plumnet, it was a plumbing company. Plumnet was 75% black owned. Then came Brentwood Homes a construction company, building timber framed houses and was started in 1992/93. This was followed by Claassworthy Associates, Berea Business Centre and Berea Postal service in 1993. In 1994 Graham was the DEO for East London for the first multiracial elections in South Africa. In 1995 Graham joined up with Clintons Business Watch, a Security Company, as its bookeeper and also doing sales, eventually buying the company from Kobus Swartz,in 1997. At the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999 Graham moved his family back to Port Elizabeth and sold Clinton's Business Watach. In 2003 after starting Graham'€™s Outsourced labour Broking and finding that the name was too long for the back of overalls, he abbreviated the name to GO and this became the new company branding. The world globe fitted into the O of GO signifying the company's expansion plans to AFRICA and eventually to the rest of the world. All the previously mentioned companies, have gone through a name change and recieved the corporate colours and branding, so as to to create uniformity within the group.

· Computer Cash and Carry became GO Computer Cash and Carry.  - G.N.F.B became GO Finance Brokers, · Plumnet and Brentwood homes combined to become GO Construction, · Steers diversified into catering and became GO Catering services.

· Claasworthy & Associates, Berea Business Centre became GO Outsourcing and Labour Recruitment, · Berea Postal Service became part of GO Logistics and Warehousing (Mr. Deliver me is a subdivision of GO Logistics).   - Clintons Business Watch was revived and became GO Security.

The GO group has grown with the addition of :

· GO Scrap and Reclaim, a Waste Management company concentrating on waste management and Recycling

· GO Training

· GO Engineering

- GO Printing

· GO Quality

· GO Sewing

- GO Furniture

GO Enterprise has been set up to be the holding company