Scrap & Reclaim

GO Scrap & Reclaim a waste management company, was launched in 2006 and handles all aspects of Waste Management.

GO provides the means to collect and sort waste material on site and then transport and safely disposes of all the materials collected. GO can also supply competent staff to companies to handle and sort waste material, thus creating more job opportunities.

We go beyond the collection of scrap, by implementing a waste and scrap management programme.  We come into your organization, and do a survey of your organizations needs. We then give you a report of our findings and offer a solution. GO  takes a holistic look at your waste and scrap. GO looks at everything, from prices through to losses due to theft.

Our service includes inter alia the setting up of demarcated areas for scrap bins, glass bins, paper and cardboard collection points, secured by our security, the Implementation of customised scrap management policies and procedures which are to be included into the quality systems of our clients, the removal of cardboard, glass, chemicals, refuse, rodent policies and more.

We are buyers of:
  • Ferrous Metals and Non Ferrous Metals
  • Paper, Cardboard and Plastics
  • Wood, Batteries, Old electronic Equipment




Light Metal



Heavy Metal












Stainless Steel